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FLOTONIX LLC and new subsidiary Virtual Skylight (VS)

We are a new company in Oregon, specializing in smart LED lighting.
VS division was launched as a new type of tunable white light fixture controlled by the sun.

VS Blog


Natural light via the web

The benefits of natural sunlight are many, but until now one had to
cut a hole in the ceiling to bring sunlight into an otherwise dark space. With the VS the installition is much simpler:
Mount the 2 foot square and 1/4inch thick panel as an ordinary fixture.
1)Apply 120V power.
2)Enable Bluetooth, and run the VS app on your smart phone.
3)When the VS has been found you will need to enter the wifi info
for your WAN.
4)That's it! The VS will automatically find the closest DOT camera and extract ambient sunlight data as to intensity and color
and map it to your space.