Muonix Introduction

  Thinking about how a concerted effort by scientists and engineers to make color TV a possibility takes me back to the excitement I felt standing in front of the Meier & Frank store windows in 1956 watching the first color programs! That same sense of excitement and discovery can be renewed for today’s budding […]

LG OLED Lighting First Look

We received samples of the new OLED from LG recently, and couldn’t wait to fire up a strip. They are very much like EL of old, but not greenish. In the application we have for roll up traffic signs, they will need to be amber colored as backing for black letters. Here is a strip […]

Illuminating our Swanson’s Dinners

Luminaires (or “lamps” to the rest of us) are looking a lot like pixels lately, as they offer larger and tunable patches of the CIE color space. This leads to the question, will display pixels ever be suitable to use for general illumination? Already the discussion of excess blue light from these sleep slayers is […]

Why light is so important for seniors’ health

  BY SAMMY CAIOLA scaiola@sacbee.com Marie Coolidge’s apartment at the Eskaton Monroe Lodge was bathed in soft light on a recent afternoon, her newly installed light bulbs glowing beneath white fabric lamp shades around the living room where she spends most of her time. The high-tech bulb system, installed last fall at the Land Park […]

New LED driver topology from Flotonix

A new LED driver topology can now be added to the stable of converters suited to driving LED strings. This innovation announced October 11, 2016 is called Virtual Ground Drive© and promises to exceed  existing topologies by as much as 15% in energy savings. The first product to use Virtual Ground Drive is the Portable Skylight, which will […]

tiling daylight

The 1 foot square virtual skylight is meant to be tiled in arrays of 2×2, 3×3, 4×1 and so on. Each tile is controlled via wifi and BTLE to coordinate a simulated sky with brilliant blue color and tunable white light. Set the location and time and forget it; from then on the VS will […]