New S2G+ Offers a Realistic Sky with Stars

Daylighting with LEDs is changing every aspect of architectural design, allowing spaces far from exterior walls and ceilings to bask in the healthful and productivity-enhancing glow of natural lighting. But what happens when the sun sets? A real window to the sky would of course transition to a night view of the local stars, so why shouldn’t a virtual window do the same? That’s the question we have been asked here at Flotonix perhaps more than any other. Since blue lighting has come under criticism for disrupting our melatonin-induced sleep patterns, perhaps turning off the blue at night and replacing it with the view Nature has provided us for many millennia is the best way to reconnect with the circadian rhythms of our origins. We will soon find out, as we launch S2G+ and address the need for something radically new and innovative in circadian technology.

We also realize that a light fixture can perform as a display as well, and to great advantage. Rather just adjusting color and brightness to mirror the sun, we can add stimulating effects such as moving clouds and precipitation clues such as rain and snow as overlays should the user request them. In addition, our stars are hyper realistic with a direct map to the Stellarium database and not simply stationary dots of glow-in-the dark paint. They not only move at night, but a programmed with the phone to be the exact view you would see from your position through a real window.

“This could be the future of faux skylights & Simulated interior daylight in my book!”

Doug Turziano, Director of Sales at Alantech Systems


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