Muonix Introduction


Thinking about how a concerted effort by scientists and engineers to make color TV a possibility takes me back to the excitement I felt standing in front of the Meier & Frank store windows in 1956 watching the first color programs! That same sense of excitement and discovery can be renewed for today’s budding scientists, as we venture into the hidden realm of the Cosmic. I compare what we Muonic Engineers are doing to the personal computer revolution, where a multi-million dollar machine the size of a house is miniaturized and made available to all. The machine in our case is one used for Muon Tomography. That is, using natural, healthy cosmic muons, “Nature’s Probe”,  to measure our windows for gas insulation, our pipes for lead in the water, our paint and garden soil for lead from decades of ethyl exhaust fumes, our air for toxins from coal burning factories and smelters and even our bodies for real time monitoring of heavy metals in our tissues and bones.

Already muons are probing the ground for archaeological artifacts, volcanoes for magma, the Fukushima reactor for dangerous fuel, and cargo containers for smuggled weapons. But they are perfect tools for a myriad of new applications to monitor our environment, our carbon footprint and our health.

I look forward working with you on these and a broader movement to get schools and government involved in this exciting revolution, to bring “Muons to the Masses.”

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