Virtual Skylight: mapping the sun to interiors

Interest is building for the idea of a virtual skylight as a web connected way to recreate natural sunlight in otherwise dark spaces. There are companies marketing virtual skylights, but they are little more than HD video screens showing loops of the sky, or still images of clouds on a back lit sign. To obtain the benefits of natural sunlight without cutting a hole in the ceiling, our product , the “VS” takes an unusual approach.

Tunable white connected luminaires are the big thing currently. Here is a good introductory article. Several benefits of tunable white are called out:

Improved Productivity

Better Visual Acuity Health Benefits

Circadian Rhythm

Energy Saving & Sustainability

So we have the LEDs that can tune over the white spectrum, now what? Some such as the Philips bulbs at Home Depot simply change from cool to warm light as the bulb is dimmed, emulating an incandescent.

The VS takes the approach of allowing the sun to manage the controls, the user is not asked to do anything!



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