DECO: crowdsourced cosmic ray detection

Justin Vandenbroucke University of Wisconsin—Madison assistant professor of physics and a researcher at the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC) – See more at: link The Flotonix PocketPb will also be a sensor network for cosmic rays with a specific purpose: to detect heavy metals in our drinking water continuously and automatically. The science behind this is […]

Natural skies are non-uniform

Because natural skies look more like the picture on the right, a simulated sky such as in the virtual skylight benefits from a single lit edge. The unique Evonic material in the vs allows color stacking so the ideal design might place a warm 2700K edgelit panel on top of a 6500K panel lit from […]

Daylighting LEGOs and a virtual sky cupola

Virtual Skylighting is about to take a new twist: stackable daylighting LED rods that connect together like LEGOs. This will allow these thin rods of tunable white to be arranged as an assembly of up to six per power supply/battery pack. Imagine a circular arrangement of these around an interior cupola: at dawn the easternmost rod begins […]

Virtual Route

The beauty of a sun controlled luminaire such as the VS extends beyond the health and productivity benefits. For example, if you wish to turn the light on to maximum and to have that continuously you would open the phone app and set a virtual journey, one that follows the sun throughout the day and […]

VS Current Loop Control

Current loop is an ideal way to connect the sun to the VS, as it can run over long distances with little emi or interference, and doing this over CAT5 cable twisted pairs make this an economical analog connection. The VS2 prototype being assembled this week has three components and a single control: LED panel […]