Turn off the light when phone is out of range

Proximity detection for light control is familiar, but usually is based upon motion detection using heat and has an irritating way of leaving you in the dark when you are seated. An innovative company in Florida (BlueTOAD) uses your Bluetooth radio signal from your phone to measure your speed when in a car, so it […]

MONAI: a step in the right direction

This is a white light table that can be set for circadian rhythm in your time zone. But at $450 for a table hardly a skylight replacement, and somewhat coarse in that a time zone average can vary wildly from local ambient light. A step in the right direction though: link.

Ceiling invisibility cloak

The Virtual Skylight may be considered a form of invisibility cloak, in that the sky above is mapped to the ceiling panel in brightness and color. As such it is a single pixel wireless video link. Compare this to the Tower Infinity now going up in South Korea, and entire skyscraper coated in video screens […]

Juno’s Scott Roos on LEDs and Circadian Rhythms

Craig DiLouie’s excellent blog Lightnow and an interview with Scott Roos, here’s an excerpt:   In regards to selling circadian lighting, distributors should stick to educating customers on the basic facts without making specific health claims and take extra care to do no harm. For example, warm-to-dim LEDs used at home will certainly support better […]

Tunable white in health care

Health Facilities Management magazine (6May2015) highlighted the transition to mimicking daylight in health care. According to Lou Calvo, Director Sales & Marketing at Waldmann Lighting: The latest LED innovation is digital dimming and color control to create biodynamic lighting that replicates natural daylight throughout the day, experts agree. ‚ÄúThis concept involves changing the color temperature […]